Chasamba – Travels Across The Seas

The New Plan

I think it’s about time I updated this page, since we have sailed round half the world!

In March 2015 we shall be leaving Bonbonon, Negros for a year long trip through Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Micronesia. Possibly but not probably Australia too; if we visit Australia I’ll have to destroy my planned herb garden!

First stop will be Helen Reef, which is part of Palau but nearly unpopulated with only four rangers stationed there. Then we have a long sail to Ninigo Atoll, and from there we will wend our way down the little atolls and islands of Papua and the Solomons. After that, our plans are fluid, and depend on how we feel, the weather and so on. At some point we will arrive in Micronesia, and sail (hopefully) down wind back to Bonbonon, where we will leave Chasamba. We are thinking of returning to Israel full time after this trip, but the thought of selling Chasamba is too hard to bear.

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