Chasamba – Travels Across The Seas

The Boat

Chasamba is a steel Van der Stadt design, 36 feet in length and central cockpit, built in Israel by Asa Bentur.
She sails beautifully, if a little slowly, and is really roomy inside. She is most at home in strong winds , but with her 140% genoa she can whisper into an anchorage on a breath of breeze. Her engine is a Perkins 50hp diesel, and she has 300 litres of fuel storage. The water tanks hold 600 litres, and one of the next projects is to install a sea water tap in the kitchen, so that we can get to India! We have a 60 watt solar panel and a Rutland 903 wind generator feeding 4 x 80 amphour batteries of Turkish manufacture. This is enough for almost all power needs except the fridge, which will need another solar panel to keep it cold!

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Length- 11 metres Beam-3.54 metres
Displacement-8.5 tons Ballast 3.5 tons
Mast height-15 metres Engine-Perkins M108 50hp

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