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Sheva’s Page

Sheva the superdog!

Hallo, all! About time I got a page. After all, I am obviously the most important member of the crew. Without me, who would warn them of the goats? Very dangerous, Turkish goats, especially the ones that can swim.
Well, lets see. What is important to a dog? I like grass, running and playing with other dogs, and there isnt much of that when you’re at anchor in a bay. But they try to take me for a good walk every day, so I manage. I don’t like sailing. They have these big white things that flap around and sometimes slap me on the head when they change sides. I don’t see the sense in it. Why not just lie and pant all day, its too hot to do anything.

Too hot!

I suppose theres a good side to it, after all, they give me lots of bones. In Turkey there arent many dogs, so there are lots of free mutton bones. And they tickle me a lot. They seem to think they can get rid of all my loose hair that way, and I’m glad they think so. And when we lived in a house they used to go off working all day and I never saw them at all. So I guess all in all, its ok to sail. At least I dont get sea sick.

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