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Update to the page which I wrote quite a while ago now…

We still enjoy living aboard, and now it doesn’t seem so unusual, since most of the people around us are live aboards too. Gradually Chasamba is getting more like a house though- we use an invertor with solar panels and have 220v electricity, we have a pretty good shower, and I cook on a gas stove and oven. We also use cell phones to keep in touch now we are so far away, and to connect to the internet. We still don’t have a tv, and never will, and junk food is just a faint memory!  We’ve been living aboard for nearly six months now, and love it. Where else can you be at home and abroad at the same time? Not many people can take their bedroom on holiday with them! And now that we are back in our winter home port, we don’t have a long journey to visit Chasamba every time we want to .A lot of people think it’s a bit weird to live in a marina, but we think its a bit weird to spend all the time rushing about in cars, polluting the environment and getting wasted muscles, working at jobs that aren’t fun until its too late to do anything but check in to a fancy nursing home. But thats just us…

Even the cat ran off when we got to Turkey.

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We decided that we had no choice- if we wanted to do it, it had to be now, before it is too late. So we both walked out of our jobs, and just left. We sailed to Turkey and spent four wonderful months remembering what it is like to talk, laugh and think, without a telephone ringing or a car horn blaring at us. We came back changed, free and sure that this is what we need and have to do.
Some people find this difficult to understand, and ask questions like, “but what will you live on?” To which we try to explain that if you manage to wean yourself off cable tv ,junk food and all the consumer rubbish which we all rush around buying, you will have enough money to live on with very little effort, and the environment will thank you too. Eat lentils twice a week, adopt a Mediterranean diet like the Turkish, and you will have even more, and feel better. Sell the car and get a bicycle and you are there, money and health wise. Unless you get run over of course, but nothing is perfect…

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