Some Pictures from Israel

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eating again….

eating some more…

amazingly, not chewing…

Yasmin and Hilah

Inbal, Granny and Grandad and Oren

Altogether we had a wonderful time in Israel, and as you may guess, put on several kilos each! Now we have to get back in shape because we are going to Taiwan hiking in January.


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Back in Bonbonon

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For three and a half fun filled months we have been working, visiting family and remembering how hectic the real world is, but now, after a two day journey through Jordan, Abu Dhabi and Manila, traveling by bus, plane, jeepney, tricycle and motorbike taxi, we have dragged ourselves home. Chasamba is in good condition, clean and just a bit dusty inside; no rust, no leaks and no damage. Sheva is thinner, probably because of walking to the cow every day with Boy, but recognized us and seems untraumatized. After a short holiday we will start on all the tasks we have set ourselves for the year; I want a shower, I am fed up of washing in a bucket, and the gas stove is falling apart. The engine wouldn’t start before we left, so that is a job too, and we really want to replace the spray hood with a permanent, fiberglass one. Where we will find the time to cruise I don’t know…..

Pictures to follow when I get a better internet connection….

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