Ko Muk

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   We have been anchored off the little bay on the western side of Ko Muk for the last few days, and have had a great time.

The snorkelling and fishing is some of the best we have experienced, and we have been living off squid, sometimes three meals a day! I have just finishing cleaning five huge ones which I caught in about an hour! The name Ko Muk actually means Squid Island, and we can see why.

Today we also swam and snorkelled all along the western side of the island- there are lots of caves, arches to swim through and strange rock formations as well as lots of fish and quite good coral. It is like a divers playground, and because of the relative isolation of the islands, which are far from the nearest airport and big city, there is very little tourism. The village on the other side of the island can be reached on foot, but it is a long way, through jungle and overgrown trails, as we found out. There are basic food supplies there, but nothing western. In the jungle there are little monkeys, tropical birds and in the little ponds left from the rainy season, monitor lizards up to three feet in length, luckily they jump into the water and swim off when you get close.

On the southwest of the island is a large cave which leads 200 feet into the rock and opens out into an enclosed beach, surrounded by cliffs and thick jungle.

¬†Another beach is at the top of the bay, and is one of the most beautiful we have seen. All in all, Ko Muk is the most beautiful place we have been so far ( Oren thinks Chagos was better, I don’t).

Sheva waiting to go to the beach!

Oren reading with his new goggles, sorry glasses, on.

The view from the loo!

Tomorrow we will sadly leave, as we have to keep on southwards.

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