Paradise is Addu atoll!

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We are still here, lounging around, snorkelling and generally on holiday, which is the main raison d’etre of the Maldives. The snorkelling is good, there are lots of reefs with a good selection of fish, and so far we have seen sting rays, a small reef shark, several turtles of various sizes, large groupers, unicorn fish, a large seahorse, morenas, and one large crayfish which Oren nearly caught! Visibility is fairly good, and when there is no wind the water is crystal clear, and you can easily see the bottom 10-15 metres down.We tried a night dive but didn’t see any lobsters, but we will try again, maybe today, because we know there are a lot of lobsters here, since we got a lift on a lobster truck taking them to the airport.

Out of the water we finally got organised and hitched up to the “capital” , Hithadoo, which is on the last island. It was a bit of a waste of time, because it looks exactly like Gan, where we are anchored, except for a slightly larger minimarket! Basically, there are no hills, no valleys, and only one main direction to walk or drive in – along the island chain and back. The Maldivian women go for walks every evening, along the road to the end of the atoll and back- that is the only walk!

The Maldivians are really nice people, very friendly and open. Two young men paddled out to talk to us in a little blow up dingy, and were intrigued by Sheva- they had never seen a dog before! The next day they brought us an enormous amount of papayas, coconuts,bananas and mangos! The coconuts here are the best we have ever tasted, as are the papayas.

Sheva seems to have resigned herself to a life without solid earth, and doesn’t even ask to get off any more. She doesn’t seem to be suffering too much, and she loves coconut, which must be a consolation! We give her a piece of coconut still in part of the shell, and she treats it like a bone, working away at it until she has got all the meat out.

I have uploaded more pictures, they are in the album with the link on the right hand side of the page.

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