‘ The List ‘

Filed March 12, 2006 at 7:02 am under by Administrator

The lure of summer cruising has started to work its magic, and we have finally started to attack ‘ The List’ with something approaching enthusiasm. I call it ‘ The List’ for reasons that most boat owners will appreciate- ‘ The List ‘ is a permanent feature for most of us, and its length seems to bear no relation to the amount of items actually finished, abandonned or crossed off it for whatever reason. In fact, ‘The List’ seems to get longer from year to year, as we become familiar with more aspects of boat maintenance. Now, if this meant that we were getting more proficient at keeping things running, we would be really happy, but for some reason it seems to mean that we discover more things that can go wrong. There is probably some sort of equation which would describe the relationship between these factors, but the important thing seems to be just to keep plugging along, never really thinking or expecting to finish ‘The List’!
So anyway, Oren spent all day in the bilges and engine, and managed to change all the old bilge pump tubing. It was all clogged up with dog hairs, SHEVA, this means you. I guess we need to brush her more, it would be really annoying to sink because of dog hair.
We also installed a new liferaft holder, and did some varnishing in the cabin. I’ll post some pictures of inside when we’re done, and when I can get hold of a broadband connection to upload them!
With the good weather the marina has come back to life, with owners who haven’t been seen for months suddenly remembering that they had a boat here somewhere…. It was quite crowded on our pontoon on Saturday, with Sheva being the main beneficiary, as she wandered from barbecue to barbecue like some society hostess making sure everyone is having fun and just grabbing a bite here and there. She obviously felt that she had to eat a little just to be polite….

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