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About Us

Oren Oren Mosenzon- Skipper and Chief Engineer, fearless adventurer to places not really much explored by hundreds of people (hopefully). Also Tour Guide, Driving Teacher, Erstwhile Carpenter and Feeder of The Dog. Oren is Israeli, and his fathers uncle wrote the Chasamba books. These are famous childrens adventure books in Hebrew, and the inspiration for the name of our boat.

Lesley Lesley Nachum- First Mate, Second Engineer ( unless anyone else is available) and also quite fearless (usually ). Also Nurse (rtd) and Chief Cook, Supplier of Bones to The Dog. I am British/Israeli and have lived in Israel since 1981. I am the proud inventor of my own version of Hebrew, which will die out when I do unless I can spread it.

Sheva Sheva Mosenzon-Nachum- The Dog. Responsible for Running Off At Awkward Times and Being A Nuisance. Sheva is probably partly German Shephard, although no-one really knows since she came from a shelter. She hates sailing but puts up with it for our sake.

Fashion hats by Margorie

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