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2015 Plans

This is the general direction we plan to sail during 2015 and the start of 2016. We start out from Bonbonon, where Chasamba is waiting for us now, sail south round Mindanao, hopefully avoiding the pirates on Jolo island, then turn southeast to Helen reef, a small atoll belonging to Palau. Then on to Palau itself to check in, and after that down the coast of Papua to Ninigo atoll and Hermit island, two places which other cruisers have had wonderful experiences with. Then it’s just a matter of wind and waves, atoll to atoll until we decide to turn northwards and bump into one of the string of islands easterly of the Solomons. Eventually we will end up in Micronesia, from which point it is a down wind sail back to Bonbonon. One year, several thousand miles, and at least one hundred crayfish dinners!

We will have a sat phone for communications, and will try to update our position once a week or so; on the right hand side of the page is a link section, press on the link to see the map. We will also try to upload photos where possible, although it will probably be difficult in most of the places we will be.

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