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Zeke’s Yard Haulout- Photos

chasamba hole

Yep, this is Chasamba. But no, we haven’t been at the bottom of the sea, luckily. We knew we had some rust issues, and this is why we got to Port Carmen as soon as we could, but we had no idea just how deep some of it was! Oren made this hole with a screwdriver, easily.


Chasamba in the cradle waiting for low tide to be pulled out by the tractor.


Almost out! I’m up on the deck, Oren is directing activities on the ground.

chasamba haulout

Sitting pretty, and we can start work.


First cutting…


Then welding- this is Alex, the house welder for Zeke’s Yard.


Not bad, huh?

And then we scraped and ground and sanded and filled and painted primer three coats and antifouling three coats, nothing really…


Tired but happy…


The unveiling!


Chasamba is beautiful again, at least from the side. Now we just have to do the deck…

To be continued…(but first we are having a rest and plan to go to snorkel with whale sharks in Oslob tomorrow!)

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