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Port Carmen

After a short but memorable trip we are anchored opposite Zeke’s restaurant, waiting to go onto the cradle and haul out Chasamba for the first time in four years. The last time she was out of the water was in Thailand, in Asia Marine, near Ratanchai in Phuket, since then we have just dried out next to bamboo piles , once in Puerto Princesa and once in Bonbonon. Whilst it is cheap to paint antifouling this way it isn’t really good enough, and Chasamba really needs this haul out.

The way here was much easier than the trip from Puerto Princesa to Bonbonon. It was a short trip, we spent one night at anchor, and the weather was good, in fact too good, with very little wind. We had to motor much of the way, which gave us an opportunity to see how our overhauled engine works. It was fine, except for one incident when we got air in the fuel lines three times, one after the other. Oren disconnected the primary fuel filter, which must have been sucking air in, and it stopped happening. The scary thing was that we were just at the narrow part of the channel between Mactan island and the reefs opposite Cebu, and the current which is very strong there kept pushing us closer to the reefs. In the end we got fed up and went back a few miles to find an anchorage for the night. The next day we easily passed the channel and arrived here. Internet is better here, so I’ll be uploading photos and video of the haul out soon.


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